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2007 gmc envoy_sle
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I have a 2007 envoy, bought it used and have had problems at first but I love the car.

The other day when leaving work car started shaking, engine lights came on then the car just stopped. I was able to get it into a parking lot. Had it towed to my mechanic. When the mechanic looked under the hood he stated wires from the wire harness (not sure exactly which) appeared to have been intentionally cut. My husband looked at the car this morning and he also said they looked cut.
My question is: Is is possible for someone to open the hood from outside the car without releasing the latch from in the car? I always lock my car so I know no one got in the car. Also I do not know when this was done but my car drove fine until leaving work that day. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. And no, I am not a mean person so I don't know why someone would "sabatoge" my car.


Lori (EnvoyEarl)
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