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Well I decided to join this forum since I now drive a 2005 GMC envoy and get to share in the enormous list of things to be fixed.
I bought a 2005 GMC Envoy, it's a very comfortable and fun ride with the air suspension as all. Though I really enjoy the style and the comfort, the build quality is another story. As I tear into this vehicle I am finding things in the interior and the exterior that are far inferior to other brands.

From the center console, to suspension components I deeply question as to why GMC's cost what they do (other than the greedy unions in Michigan).
I have a 2005 GMC Envoy SLE (would rather SLT or Denali but the price was right). It has the A4WD and 4x4 with Eaton G80 locking diff's, the sun and entertainment package, with air ride suspension (rebuilt to commercial standards by me, so no more air ride problems).

I really like the vehicle over all, but it really is substandard in the world of craftsmanship quality (excluding the engine). If you really tear into one is gets obvious very quickly. So here I am, share as to what is broken and the better way to correct it aside from certain OE fixes (where possible) so as to actually "fix" the problem instead of reset it's recurrence clock.
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