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Has anyone converted to E85 fuel? I tryed about 10 gallon's mixed whith the rest regular fuel. It ran okay but I notice a decrease in fuel economy. The web site said it uses about 30% more to run because of the Ethanol is slower to burn. If I get the convert kit I sould get the same or better gas milage and it's cheaper. When I put the 10 gallon's in it was 2.23 a gal. and reg. was 2.59 a gal.
The only thing I don't like is it's hard to find a station that care's E85. The closes station near me is about 6 miles away.In the Phoenix metro area there's only 2 stations and the state of az. pool (state vehicles only)

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It's hard to come buy up here to. My Silverado was flex fuel. Before i bought it I researched and found a few locations around me that sells it.
Then after I bought the truck I looked online again and found there was only one station in MA selling it at the time. The rest listed were for municipalities and state vehicles. You would think with the push the government is doing with alternative fuels they would find a way to open these stations to sell to the public. i did the math and at the time it was about 5% more per mile using E85

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Even if you do get a 'kit', you won't get the same milage. E85 has been shown to have less energy per gallon than regular gasoline. The upside to E85 is you can run a higher compression ratio which will give you more power, and if you drive sanely, may allow you to get closer to original fuel milage. The cost of having an engine rebuilt to take advantage of this is a tad excesive for a fuel that may not be on the market at subsidised price in the near future.

Also, you will need to see if the rubber materials in your system are compatible for E85, if not, they will all have to be replaced as well. Another additional cost.

I'd stick with what you have now and if you want better milage, fresh tune and maybe a program done to your ECU would be better money spent.

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The web site said it uses about 30% more to run because of the Ethanol is slower to burn.

When I put the 10 gallon's in it was 2.23 a gal. and reg. was 2.59 a gal.
:undecided hmmmm, uses 30% more, but the price is only 15% less.

That means, you are paying 15% more.

And you think this is a good thing to do?????????????????

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Some first hand E-85 experience and facts

Speaking as someone who uses E-85 full time, in my "other car".
It is great stuff for what I use it for but, it's not for everybody.
I say it's great but that's because it works for me.
(Higher flowing fuel pump, 50psi of fuel presure vs. 37 from factory,
22% bigger injectors, anodized fuel rail, etc.. )

I don't think it's fair to say E-85 "is bad" or "good" because again,
it depends on whether or not you can take advantage of it.

There is no set number, as to how much more of it you use vs. gas.
Depending on different variables(Barometric Pressure(elevation),
temperature, voltage to the fuel pump, etc. ) I have my other car
compensated about 28% to 27%. Others have reported higher and lower
compensation values.
Is it corrosive? Yes.
So is gasoline, that's why most manufactures are using more plastic, viton
and aluminum vs. steel and rubber in today's automobile.
Gasoline just takes longer, maybe 30 years, before your steel tank and
lines rot from the inside out.
Ethanol in a raw form will do it alot faster, which is why it is mixed
with gasoline.

There's more to it, but I don't want to write a book.
So, to answer the OP question, is it worth it?
Unless you retro-fit the car and have a way to "tune" the car. It's not
something I personally would advise to do.

Other than that, read up more about it from information sources that are not
biased one way or the other. The subject of Ethanol in passenger cars is
always very touchy.
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