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I have searched everywhere and cannot find what i need, so i am turning to you guys in hope of help :) I am brand new to this site, proud owner of an 04 GMC Envoy, and trying to spruce it up a little, on a budget. I am in pharmacy school, and dont have a lot to spend so i am searching craigslist to find a grille guard. I am wondering if grill guards for other makes/models will fit my suv? the TB, envoy, and rainier are very similar. I do not know what questions to ask people who are selling, besides "do you know if this will fit an 04 envoy?". I have been told to go with westin, but from what i hear they do not have 4 bolting not really a car person, besides the fact that i like em. i would like one that bolts to the frame in four places for more stabilization, more deer killing and less car crushing. Other than craigslist i am thinking of calling dealerships to see if they have any "take-offs", is this a common thing? what are my options here. i am trying to stay in the $100 price range, which i know is low, but doable if i am patient (not a quality that i use often..). ANY help would be great!
Also, i would like to upgrade my lights, i feel like everyone on the road can see better than me, haha. without using a conversion kit, i think my only options are silverstars and xtravision, and the night breakers and such. I currently am planning on getting the xtravisions because they have a much longer bulb-life, like 800 compared to 200hrs. Any input here?

(and as a side note haha, i am also going to get a new license plate cover, i plan on just going to autozone type place and buying a stainless steel one. i think these last a while without deteriorating?)
(also anything else that is a cheap way to spruce up my "ride" haha. Already have new tires and rims on the way, should get em friday. when they are on i will post a pic!)
Thanks so much!

btw here is the type of add im talking about:
person is selling a 2000 gmc sierra with a grill guard, would that grill guard fit my envoy if i can get him to sell it to me?
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