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Hey guys. I've been reading and planning for weeks now about mods, upgrades, and DIY's for the ol TV and I'm getting started today.

I took off the front airdam yesterday before me and a buddy went for a ride on a few trails and a dirt road or two because i didnt want it to get broken off on one of the water crossings out there.

I know 2wd and ext isnt ideal for offroad but i can't complain since I got it for free(thanks to my parents).

I'm really interested in getting the MarkMC full kit really soon to get a little more clearance followed by spacers and 285s on the stock 17s. maybe z71 coils in the rear.(someone sway my decision please)

At the moments its got a stock 3.42 ratio but i've been looking around and I think I can get a 3.73 rear end with the G80 for around $200 at a local junkyard eventually.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions theyre more than appreciated!

Oh yeah, the rear speakers went out and I've done a little searching so i guess theyre blown.. thats on the list too.. and a sub/amp install from my last car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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