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Gmt 800/900 engine/ powertrain swap 6.0 dod gmt360!!!

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Anybody ever think of doing an engine drivetrain swap from a gmt 800/900 series trucks into their gmt360 series suv's?

I have a great deal on a 2008 silverado with a 6.0 v8 with d.o.d 6 spd trans and 4wd!!! It was sideswiped, insurance totaled it,but I drove it for 2 hrs no problems, several 4wd/awd cyclones....brakes and suspension felt mint

I think it seems like a great idea.....Just wondering how I would mount the front silverado differential(heavy duty) or would I be able to use the oem one in my 04 bravada? Obviosly If I used the oem front diff I'd have to use the oem rear diff for correct gearing ratio....

Also condidering these are full frame vehicles that came with lsx engines from the factory it should make for an easier swap (Mechanically)
I mean the frames on all gmt360's are essentially the same correct?

The difference between the i6 /v8 models are engines/trans/electronics/mounts correct????

So im thinking modified gmt 360 v8 mounts, new 6.0 dod engine,trans and transfer case with all the necessary wiring relay pcm etc....
Then I would need a custom drive shaft made.....

Please dont tell me its not worth it....Thats a matter of personal preference..

I am the proud owner of an ls6 s14 240sx and obviously I'm a fan of gm engineering...:woohoo:
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The engines used in the 2500HD are not DOD but are VVT.The blocks are iron so it maybe too heavy. Also you will have to swap out the oil pan to bolt up the diff.(from a V8 Trailblazer)These are a few items to be aware.
Alright since you say you'll do it anyway, you're going to need to find a wrecked 5.3 V8 SWB TB 4WD. Has to be exactly that. An SS wont work because the xfer case is different so the wiring is different too. Remove the WHOLE wiring harness, cluster, radio, HVAC controls, 4WD switch, basically pull the whole interior from the wrecked V8 TB and move it into your Bravada. Then get the engine/trans/new driveshaft swapped in (take the diff from the wrecked V8 TB, dont know if the fullsize ones mount differently or not) and get everything bolted up. Need new fans (go efans for a fullsize, wire them like a fullsize) at the minimum, most accessories should work from the fullsize engine (but if not have to retrofit I6 and/or TB V8 components).

I know you want this to work man, and if you do Ill help you with as much info as I can but this swap is going to be a TON different, much harder, and way more expensive than your LS6 into a 240sx swap. All the modern day electronics have to talk to each other perfectly otherwise you're going to spend weeks if not months tracking down little electrical issues.
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Alright since you say you'll do it anyway,

I LOVE IT!!!! :rotfl: :woohoo:
Sounds like a fun swap. If the full size front diff will physically fit I would just use that it's going to be more sturdy than the stock TB one. You may not NEED to switch the rears out. As long as the final gears are the same on both ends it doesn't matter.
The only hiccup I can really see is the electronics end. How the ECM and BCM will work with each other and how everything will play with the insturment cluster (maybe 8/900 cluster and BCM will swap). Ideally you would use all the componets from the donor in the TB.

Take some pics, I'd like to see some comparisons between the componets.
The frames are different on the I6 vs the V8... Since the V8 is shorter, the engine mounts are more to the front and so is the trans crossmember. The engine does have to be farther forward, because you can JUST get to the 5.3L oil filter as it is, in front of the rear-engine crossmember.

Oh, and the axles are a different width. You'd be much better off getting an 8.5" from a wrecked 5.3L or EXT TB/voy than trying to get the 14-bolt out of yours.

Also, the trans you've got on the 6.0L is physically much larger, and may or may not even fit in the tunnel.

I'm not going to tell you what to do, but do know that it'll still be heavier and slower than an SS when you're done.

Well heres the thing, my truck as is mods included, will keep up with an ss...

I'm not saying that it wil flat out beast the ss, but for what it is and what its worth it hangs with the big bois......
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