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Hi guys,

Do you know what the manufacturer for the 2005 4WD GMC Envoy Denali with rear air suspension dictates as the ground clearance? Did they go by the rear differential height to the ground? Isn't that the running clearance? I'm only curious because I did some measurements and if I go by the rear differential height its 8 inches but If I go by the running boards I get about 9 inches and then the front and rear bumper is greater than 9 inches. It gets confusing because if you look up the ground clearance for a base trim Subaru 2021 outback for comparison purposes the manufacturer says it has 8.7 inches of clearance but if you measure by its rear differential it's <8 inches. Guess wondering what other people are getting when they do there own measurements. And if there are any other places I really should be measuring instead to get a more accurate ground clearance estimate.

Also for fun and to see what the ChatGPT would tell me on the same question and comparison I have above, take a look at the screenshot attached. Curious if anyone has also played around with this artificial intelligent chatbot. Can't really take everything it says for granted but I thought it was pretty interesting the response it gave me for its rough estimates on this subject.

For anyone interested in testing it out, this is the link I used-->


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