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#08-08-46-008B: OnStar Gen 8.0L Software Update-Correctios for No LED, No Button Response, No Power, Battery Drain, Bluetooth Pairing, No Nametags, Remote Functions, Turn by Turn Routing/Display, No OnStar Hands Free - (Jun 2, 2009)
Subject: OnStar® Generation 8.0L Software Update - Corrections For No LED, No Button Response, No Power, Battery Drain, Bluetooth Pairing, No Nametags, Remote Functions, Turn By Turn Routing, Turn By Turn Display, No OnStar® Hands Free Calling, No GPS, Advisor Record Feature and Automatic Crash Notification Repeat Calls (Reprogram OnStar® Module)

Models: 2009 Buick Allure (Canada Only), LaCrosse, Lucerne

2009 Cadillac DTS

2009 Chevrolet Colorado, Impala, Malibu, TrailBlazer

2009 GMC Envoy, Canyon

2009 Pontiac G6

2009 HUMMER H2, H3

2009 Saturn AURA

2009 Saab 9-7X

All Vehicles Equipped with OnStar® (RPO UE1)

Attention: This bulletin is being issued to provide the dealer with information regarding a condition pertaining to certain OnStar® Generation 8.0L Vehicle Communication Interface Modules (VCIM) that affect the LED, button response, vehicle starting, Bluetooth® pairing, nametags, inability to perform certain remote functions, loss of turn-by-turn routing, turn-by-turn display, OnStar® hands-free calling, GPS, advisor record feature and automatic crash notification calls to OnStar®.


This bulletin is being revised to update the conditions list and dealer action information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 08-08-46-008A (Section 08 - Body & Accessories).


Note: Performing this procedure will clear out all of the customers nametags stored in the VCIM. These will need to be restored by the customer once the procedures are completed.

Some customers on certain 2009 model year vehicles equipped with a Generation 8.0L OnStar system may report some of the following concerns:

• No OnStar® LED and no response to any OnStar® buttons. Additionally, some customers may also have a battery drain.

• Phone pairing feature for the Bluetooth® system is not retained after an ignition cycle.

• Nametags for OHFC, Bluetooth® and Turn-by-Turn will be lost after an ignition cycle, or the nametag may be present but the customer is unable to use it or delete it.

• The customer may request to be enrolled in the Verizon Family share (OnStar® Share Minutes) plan but when trying to use OHFC they receive a message that there are insufficient units.

• OnStar® is unable to connect to the vehicle to perform remote functions (i.e. door unlock, horn honk, light flash).

• Loss of Turn-by-Turn routing information. Some customers may be told by the OnStar® advisor that Turn-by-Turn is unavailable. Also, some customers may not have Turn-by-Turn display information in their vehicle.

• The "Virtual Advisor" command may not be available or will not access the system for eNav routes that have been stored through MapQuest®.

• In rare cases, following a collision with an airbag deployment, the vehicle will make repeated calls to the OnStar® center.

• No GPS location when calling into OnStar®.

• Unable to access the Advisor Record feature.

These conditions may be the result of a software anomaly within the OnStar® VCIM and can be corrected through a software update using the Service Programming System (SPS) application.

Customer Notification
OnStar® will notify subscribers on a case-by-case basis. OnStar® customer notification letters will include a reference to this bulletin. Some customers may also be referred to the dealer by either the GM Customer Assistance Center or by OnStar® Technical Assistance following attempts to resolve any of the listed concerns.

Dealer Action
If any or all of the above conditions have been met, dealer technicians should reprogram the OnStar® VCIM. A revised service calibration has been released to address this condition. Reprogram the OnStar® VCIM using the TIS2WEB Service Programming System (SPS) application.

Notice: After the programming, perform the following steps to clear the old nametags from the system that may not be working.

Connect the scan tool to the vehicle and navigate to the VCIM special functions menu.
Change the language setting to either French or Spanish.
Change the language setting back to English.
Press the phone icon button on the OnStar® button assembly. After the "Ready" prompt, reply "delete all nametags".
Note: Always make sure your Tech 2® is updated with the latest software version.
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