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Has anyone purchased a set of GM chrome door handles for their TB or Envoy? For one, I'm curious what they look like on, and two, what the fit and finish is like when mounted. Does anyone have pics of their TB or Envoy with GM replacement chrome door handles (preferably in white)?
Ewww Do not buy them from there that is a major ripoff....
Here are pics of them installed on an Envoy in my post

Get them from $23 each + s/h
I did not want to do the covers because they would seem sort of cheesy and I was worried that they are too easily stolen.

The hardest part of replacing the door handles is clipping the plastic C clip onto and off the bar. The rest is just simple stuff.....
If you have never done it before start with the back right door to learn!

Also be sure you do not have a KEY hole on your passenger side as they aren't sold with a keyhole for that.

Oh also that link you have are for 07-09 and dont seem to look like the right ones, not sure what those long metal bars are unless they are providing the bar for some odd reason. says 07+ are the same handles so i guess they are giving you extra parts or that is a wrong picture.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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