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hey guys....just found this forum searching around. Glad I found it because I have a lot of unaswered questions about my truck. I used to have a 1500 silverado with a 4.3L instead of the 4.2 in my envoy. So basically my first question to everyone is.....what is the exact size of the stock exhaust on a 2005 4.2L envoy XL? I want to do an exhaust, but wanted to know the stock exhaust size. If you go to a 3" exhaust, i'v read a few times on here that you need a tune up.....firstly, where can i get my hands on a tuner, secondly, if i can't get a tuner, whats the most common way people get them tuned? I was lucky, with my sliverado I had a programmer so everything i had to do was right there, but I haven't found much luck with a tuner for the envoy.

Thanks, hope to learn a lot here
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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