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Getting Lift and Offroad tires

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Hello guys,

It's been a while since i posted on trailvoy. The reason I made this thread is because I'm interested in switching from my chrome rims to off-road tires and also wanting a lift to go with that. I am brand new to this area, so I apologize for the questions. I did take a look at this:

1. I am interested in lifting my tb. I've been looking at markmc's site, I think I will go with the 2.5" lift/level kit. My question here is: Is it necessary to buy new new shocks or springs with the lift?

2. I think the size of tire I want is a 33, so I will need a wheel spacer for extra clearance. If clearance is still an issue, is it possible that you could use both a spacer and adapter?

3. Do I have to get PCM reprogrammed? due to the bigger wheels?

All the questions for now,

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i can answer a few

I put a 2.5 leveling kit from Summit Racing on my 03 envoy and 30's and I had to put wheel spacers because it rubbed, I had to get it aligned.
The kits are designed to be used with factory struts, shocks and springs.
However, some guys upgrade the front struts to HD Bilstiens and rear shocks to skyjacker #N8030

Combining wheel spacers with adapters is not recommended.
Wheel spacers should give enough room to run a 11" or 11.5" wide tire.
most common are 265/70/17

hit me up at my gmail for more info.
You can probably find a cheaper kit from another vendor or ebay, but you wont get the customer service i provide.
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