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Only reason a mod would ever get rid of a gallery pic is if it violated a rule, which is usually that it has to be OF a trailvoy vehicle or at least have one in the picture's background. Accessories, scenery, and people with no vehicle in thepic are the usual problem items. Not at all sure what happened to yours - unless you recently submitted them and they are in the (admittedly long) admin approval queue.

Anyway, there is actually more than one switched wire, depending on IN WHICH ignition modes you're looking to find power.

From another thread I posted:

And by "ignition" do you mean ACCY+RUN+START modes, or ACCY+RUN or RUN+START or just RUN?

Each of those has a circuit controlled by the ignition switch that feeds various banks of fuses in the front and rear fuse block.

Typically if you need one of those signals, you use an add-a-tap fuse gadget to the fuse block. If you need much more than about an amp, you control a relay connected to straight battery power with that signal.

If you do go into the ignition switch:
RED on the ignition switch is 12V, fused by underhood fuse #34, and feeds the following three circuits:

White is hot in ACCY, RUN, START
Orange is hot in RUN
Yellow is hot in START

RED/WHITE is another 12V, fused by underhood fuse #36, and feeds two circuits:

Brown is hot in ACCY, RUN
Pink is hot in RUN, START

If you go after the fuse block path:

On in RUN/ACCY modes only:

rear fuse #29 - Rain sensor (rare option) 10A
rear #33 - front wiper motor - 25A
rear #31 - TBC ACC - 3A


rear fuses 47 (IGN 0)
50 (TBC IG)

RUN only mode:

front fuses 22 (IGN E)
16 (TBC IGN 1)
28 (PCM 1)
54 (AIR SOL)
53 (O2 A
54 (O2 B)
26 (ENG 1)
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