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Good afternoon all!!

I have recently purchased a 2004 Envoy w/ 37k miles. It looks well kept, however I have no idea what maintenance the prior owner did to it.

That said... I have a few questions:
1) Can we trust the "change oil" dummy light? I have a hard time putting my trust in a light. What are the logical conditions that said light comes on? Is it a simple timer or is there some special magic that actually knows when the oil is nasty and ready for a change...

2) I did RTFM but what is the real world maintenance schedule for my vehicle? (I drive approx 15k/yr give or take a few)

3) The gas cap has a seal problem (I think) which caused the check engine light to come on for a couple of days, then disappeared. If I replace the gas cap, should I expect the same problem? (What I mean is, is the problem the cap or the actual tube that leads to the tank?)

Thank you!!

2003 gmc envoy_slt
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:tiphat Welcome :tiphat #1) Some on TV still change there oil at 3000 miles. I go by the OLM. It is more than a timer or mileage counter. #2) Going with the manual depends on how you drive. #3) IIRC There is a TSB about cracking of the gas filler pipe. Check the Search function for Oil Life Monitor and fluid changes.
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