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So thanks to a different thread it appears the 04 Trailblazer I bought came with mismatched axles. This means for my 4WD to work switching the ratio of either the front or the back. I'm assuming the easiest way to do this is to just swap out the entire rear axle? Anybody Have experience?

Also I need to make sure what I replace is a match. I do not know the ratio of the front or rear axle and am trying to figure out which each are so I can make sure whichever I replace matches. Heres what we know

When spinning just the drivers side front and rear wheel together in 4HI the front wheel is turning slower than the rear wheel. After 5 rotations of the rear wheel the front wheel is about half a rotation behind. Does this mean it has a higher or lower gear ratio? The speedometer also appears to be correct making me think it's likely the front end gear ratio that was altered?
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