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Hello everyone.

Im gonna try to be concise here, but I have a tendency to ramble so bear with me.

I am rebuilding my truck. 2002 TB LTZ. I wanted to upgrade to an 07+ tahoe, but I have no interest in paying over 10k for a car from 2010 right now. So my trailblazer with 220k on it is going to get a full rebuild. The frame is 100%, the body is 90%, but all the mechanical bits are just TIRED. So Im gonna gut the drivetrain, throw fresh paint on the frame and other things, replace all the broken or scuffed body parts, remove the rust, and repaint it.

Then my plan is this: Find an 06+ Trailblazer thats ROTTEN or missing a title, and swap the drivetrain and various interior components into my 02. (after rebuilding the engine and transmission)
And badda boom badda bing, maybe a year of work and a brand new truck.

My question is this, what differences will I run into between the first and second gen Atlas platforms? Will there be problems when swapping drivetrains? And if so how can I fix it?

And my second question;
What gremlins can I fix while I have everything peeled apart? Im going to be elbow deep in the engine and the tranny so If theres anything I can do to get more power or longevity, let me know.

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