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2005 chevy trailblazer_ls
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Gas gauge has a mind of its own. Thank goodness for the trip odometer. Is there any way to troubleshoot to see if its the fuel tank level sensor or the stepper motor - really dislike to be a parts changer until I hit it correct.

Thanks in advance for any feedback to this.

Yes - I've tried running cleaner in the fuel tank 4 times already....

2004 gmc
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YOu need a scan tool that can see what the PCM sees for fuel level. Then you can decide if it's a measurement problem or a display problem. Or just swap gauge clusters with a buddy. Good reason to have local trailvoy buddies.

2003 chevy trailblazer_ls
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if you dont have a buddy or access to a device like roadie described...
then the cheapest route may be to order a stepper motor from ebay (About $6 I THINK)..
remove the cluster and solder the new one in...
A member on here replaced his level sender- and did not fix.
he then replaced stepper-- and that worked...
He also did a how to.
I think he said it took him 45 min to remove cluster- unsolder the old one- and solder in the new one....
He and another guy made HOW TO article.
If this doesnt work--- then you know you have to replace the level sender--- or theres some other problem.

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I had the wacky gauge problem as well. here is my write up....

ok, so the trade is off.
i decided to get the deflector painted like my truck I had the painter add some flex additive that will allow the paint to flex with the plastic, without cracking, some really good clear, and a sheet of 3mclear rock guard protector to lessen the damage from rocks.

Im picking it up tomorrow. I cant wait!! I hated having this black deflector on my all white truck!!

On a side note, I had to take my truck to the dealer to get a few things taken care of that went bad soon after i had bought the truck.

Now some history, i bought the truck used from the wholesale lot at Humberview. No extra warranty or nothing. Just the truck. i went and told the dealer about this last week, and they ended up taking care of it at their cost.

1. my gas gauge went out, about 2 weeks ago. Every time I would fill it up, it said it was empty hahahaha. And take a lot of driving to get it to come back to normal operation.

2. My rear glass left hinge was busted. the glass didnt sit flush at the top with the roof, and the brackets on the inside were not only broken, but missing a bolt!!! n The glass closed fine, the only reason i noticed it, is because i was rust proofing and greasing the frame and hinges of the truck recently after i did a seafoam treatment and oil change (next is the tranny!!)

I dropped it off this morning, its done now, so ill be leaving in a bit to pick it up.

I am interested to find out if they had to replace the whole fuel pump and sending unit as a whole, or was the sending unit a replaceable part?? Why? because a brand new fuel pump and sending unit would be good for another 100k(ish) instead of worrying when the one i have will go, hahaha.

The reading i have done tells me that since i have an 05, my fuel filter is in tank, where early models had an external fuel filter that they could service. the in tank filter cant be serviced because its part of the pump (i made sure to ask the to flush the tank and check / clear debris since they had to drop the tank and it was basically empty anyways) and that the sending unit was part of the pump unit as well. if they are 2 seperate pieces, then it will be cheaper to service my self if i have to in the future. where as if its all one unit, pump /filter / sending unit.....its nearly 3x the price!!

As soon I get my truck home, and talk to the guy in the shop. ill let you know what exactly was done, and ill get some part #'s if possible.

I hope this will help some people diagnose, and answer questions about the intank fuel system.

cheers :),

Z :thumbsup:
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