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I've searched the forums and couldn't find a solution or reason why my wipers decided to park in the middle of my windshield. They function properly on intermittent, slow and fast, but when I turn them off or when they operate on intermittent, the stopped position is in the middle of the windshield. Does anyone have a clear solution on how to fix this, or maybe a pictures of the step by step process?

Thank you.....

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The park position on almost all wiper motors made is under the control of a circuit board with sliding copper contact fingers inside the motor assembly. Often gear grease gets on the fingers and prevents the motor from completing the wipe it's in the middle of. Sometimes you can disassemble it and clean the contacts - other times the copper contact finger breaks off and you need a new one.

I've done it on other vehicles, but never heard of this being a chronic problem on trailvoys, so I don't think we have pics. You should do it, take pics, and then we'd be in YOUR debt.
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