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You ever take something apart and spend more time taring up your garage looking for a tool you swore you bought years ago? :suicide:
One C clamp and brake grease purchase later... Pads are installed and the noise is gone! :woot:

The best I could do was Duralast Gold pads from Autozone for under $40. Me being an amateur do it yourself guy I pressed on the brakes to see the pistons move. One of them seemed stuck. I went and pressed the loose one in place and it squirted brake fluid half way down my driveway. The passenger pads seemed to have about 70% meat left on them.

I'll have to keep an eye on things for uneven wear. So far the car stops on a dime with seemingly no issues.

Thanks for the help! I'm glad it was an inexpensive fix.
durallast gold isn't too bad.

go for the mid to high quality of Autozone or advanced auto.

Wagner, raybestos Bosch or ac delco.

mid quality, ceramic preferably.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts