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That is crazy! So anytime you unplug the battery, you will typically need to replace this? All other vents work fine. The only ones not working are the dash vents.

Is their a way to make sure this is the problem? Thanks for the help!
You can avoid disconecting the battery when you work on the truck; Just don't touch anything that might ground you when working on the electrical system. LOL. i probably shouldn't joke about that. When I installed my amp kit i didn't want to disconect the battery because then I would have to reset the radio clock. Long story short i forgot and grabbed the 0 gauge power cable and grounded cable in the same hand. My 4 year old neice learnt a couple new words that night. Lessons learned - 1. DISCONECT the battery 2. make litle kids cover their ears when i work on the truck
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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