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2006 gmc envoy_sle
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i have a 2006 Envoy with ~120K on it. I have some noises/vibrations comming from the front end and can't figure it out. Any Suggestions??

1. Going down bumpy roads there is a slight "loose" felling/ knocking in the front left. Almost feels like a tie-rod end, but it is tight.

2. When going around a sharp right turn (like into a parking spot) there is a scrapping sound (front left again). almost sounds like something scraping the back plate? nothing there...?

3. 4W Auto - when I drive with it on after a little bit, it starts to "hammer" and feel like it's slipping in/out

4. Now I have a groaning/moaning/rubbing noise comming from the front, I think the Front Left. Sounds like and feels like I'm driving with knobby tires (i'm not). I thought something might have been rubbing against the tire, but there is nothing visible. Thinking this might be the wheel bearling/hub?

Any suggestions?:crazy:

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