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2003 chevy trailblazer_lt_ext
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I wanted to throw in my experiences with a stuck fill plug since this thread helped give me some ideas in my quest to remove it.

Like others, I had a real hard time getting the darn thing off. So, after applying PB Blaster on the thing a couple days in a row I took a propane torch and slowly heated up the area around the plug, then the plug itself. I then also sprayed some more PB Blaster around the plug. It did not get it too hot - only about 3-5 mins total of moving it around the area.

Got a 6-point 18mm impact socket and attached it to a large extension - attach to the plug bolt. I can see where a 6-point socket is a good idea here. Using a 12 point may cause rounding off - then you would really be in trouble.

I placed a brick under the extension, resting it on the frame, just below the fill plug. Did this for stability.

I attached my 18" torque wrench to the extension and angled it so I can get to it from the from front of the truck. (I know that you are not supposed to use a torque wrench like this... but its all I had.)

I got in front of the truck on my back and slowly pushed the wrench. It finally gave way.

This worked even after an impact wrench failed. (Wasn't all that great of an impact wrench, though...)

I was really worried that the plug would break, but it is pretty thick after looking at it. I really dont think the fluid was ever checked, even though it went to the dealer for oil changes for most of its life. It will be checked at every oil change now that I am doing them myself.

Hope this helps someone in the same situation.
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