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Front Diff?

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Under my 2004 TB, 4 wheel drive, 4.2 automatic with under 100,000 miles - the right hand side 'appears' to be leaking.

First, can I drive this truck in 2 wheel high? Probably not, but you all definitely know more than me so I would appreciate your input.

Second, what might be my best plan of attack to repair this? I will have to pay a mechanic as this is out of my league. A junkyard part is probably out of the question as my truck is located 10 miles from a local mechanic here in the country or 45 minutes from the city. The country (good but very busy) mechanic is reasonable and decent, so I lean towards having his company do any work.

Any and all input is welcome. Thank you!

Edit: Upon further review it appears my power steering fluid is low. I remove the PS dipstick to see the level on the lowest notch. What is the best fluid to use in the PS pump? Once I fill that I will let my truck rest and re-check fluid levels in a week.
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This dye is available at all auto parts stores, I presume?
I will do some additional exploration tomorrow. I am going to wipe things clean and take a follow up look 24 hours later.

If it is my front differential leaking then I probably shouldn't drive it, correct?
I need the 4 wheel drive. I use it at my cabin to put my boat in the water.
What fluid do we use for power steering? That is my first thought.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... power steering fluid for GMs is specific -- NEVER use ATF or regular 10wt oil.

Been there --- done that!
Which is a why I am asking.
Used Royal Purple about 5000 miles ago, maybe even less mileage.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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