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Front diff Problems

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My front wheels in my trailblazer wont engage when I put the truck into aw4d,4hi or 4lo I changed the axel actuator and tried resting the tccm and nothing then last week I put the truck completely in the air and when I put the truck into 4wd there was a ticking or winding noise coming from the front end does any body have any idea that could be causing this problem
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First, what is the fluid change history for the transfer case and differentials. Transfer case needs fluid replaced every 50K miles, diffs every 100K miles.

Can you localize the noise better in the front area? It's possible the splined disconnect is gone. Is the Service 4WD light on in the dash? If not then the actuator motors should be working.
I bought the truck used from a dealership so I wouldn't know the history on the diff fluid but since I had the truck I never changed the fluid and I only had the truck going on one year, and there is no service lights, the truck doesn't make any strange noises when driving it (no scrapes or grinds nothing like that) and when the car was in the air the ticking/ winding noise sound like it was coming from the front diff
If the front wheels were hanging down fully extended, maybe what you heard was a CV joint making the noise.
would this cause my 4x4 to not work properly?
Only if the noise is coming from the passenger side axle, that is where the splined disconnect is located.
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