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Amp gauge started fluctuating between ~9 and 15 volts. Motor started 'stalling', readouts for odometer, gauges & radio dimmed, etc. while pulsating, a/c stopped throwing cold air. Did this for several miles, stumbling and almost stopping, then it mysteriously 'heals' itself... After sitting for a while and restarting the same problem started over again.

My mechanic removed the alternator and had it rebuilt even though it tested good. This did not solve the problem. Took it to a electrical shop who found my 2-1/2 year old battery was shorted and the "Battery Control Module" next to the battery was bad. It took two days for the local Chebby dealer to find a module; said these modules are getting hard to find. Hopes this helps anyone that may experience the same problem. Booyah!
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