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In the beginning of March, traded in a 1999 Jimmy with 165,000 miles for a car payment including a 2004 Trailblazer LT with 40,000 miles on it. Part of the deal was that it have a nav system, XM and a sunroof. The existing sunroof was the easy part. But the radio/nav (no XM) was something else. The salesman, doing his job, suggested a Pioneer AVIC-f700bt he would have installed. He’ll never do that again. I checked it out on line and said OK. I am happy. It is a good Nav setup (your never lost if you don’t care) and the system sounds great with the original Bose speakers. The first thing I got was a set of SilverStar Ultra headlamps Then a new set of tires and wheel alignment, a new washable Fram air filter and I am waiting for the oil to wear out to go Mobil One. I did research here and on line about PCMforLess then got one. I would recommend this to anyone. Nothing radical. But it will kick a$$ when you need to. It’s almost scary! And the mileage on the freeway, since the tune, just goes up. After driving the required 45 miles to get home from Moms, the DIC was up to 19.8 mpg. I want to drive further to see how high it will go and where it will top out at, but I probably would end up in Port Huron.
I am looking forward to Kensington Metro Park this weekend.
Thanks for all the collective resources
dag48066 :hail:
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