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Curious to see who has the fastest Envoy Denali here. I took mine to the 1/4 mile track, here are the results...

2006 GMC Envoy Denali 5.3L/A4, 2wd, DOD, stabilitrak, full tank of 93 octane, bone stock, and 300+ lb driver

First Pass Stock

2.484 60'
10.620 1/8 mi
67.41 MPH
16.383 1/4 mi
83.89 MPH

After tune only (no MAF or VE adjustment, tuned by me same day at track)

2.467 60'
10.348 1/8 mi
70.25 MPH
15.847 1/4 mi
89.71 MPH

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Yes I sold my TB. And I did have the westers tune when I ran that 16.1. I later got a different tune and a cai. When I sold it, it was much faster than with tjust the westers. Never got the chance to run it after that.... but I would have guessed it to be mid to low 15's without any problem.

Now I drive a Honda... and that is all.:D

Let the bashing begin!:raspberry
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