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2006 gmc envoy_sle
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On my 06 Envoy base model, I had a strange occurrence. Driving up the highway, I had my ABS, Stabilitrak, Brake, etc., warning lights all come on, AND the blower fan for the A/C went out, all at the same time.

Turning OFF the fan made most of the lights go out, and turning it back on made them come on. Brakes worked fine, thankfully. It was that way through my stop at our destination, but for the return trip, I kept the fan off, and the lights were out. Once I got home, I checked the blower fuse #35, and it looked good. Took it out and reseated it, and the problem was gone.

HOWEVER, it seems to reoccur intermittently. Did it again on the drive to work yesterday, but was fine for the trip home.

Any ideas or history on such a strange problem?
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