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Good day to all. I am posting this inquiry to see if anyone out there has any additional or leftover accessories for strobe kits,cables,lights,switches,etc. I am in need of a few things and was wondering if any of you out there can help me out. Upon getting side swipped and rolling over in my previous explore I got a beautiful deal on a beautiful TB EXT/LT and lost all my lights,etc. I recently purchased 4 amber strobes a power pack a 4 cable. I am in the midst of getting lenses for my 400 series light heads that I was never able to install. I need a few cables connectors, switch and would like to see what else I may be able to afford. So if you have anything please post or PM me and see what we can do. I really do apprecite it. I need to get this mod done soon because I am going back on the highways in 3 months and need to be prepared. Those of out there that know what I mean know every little bit of extra lighting counts.
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