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Well I know some have asked about some of my lighting so to make it easy I will make a post with all of it at this point ( not much but still). Highs are regular silverstars, lows are 4300K HIDs and fogs are also 4300K HID.

Lets start with the new "eyebrow" LEDs. They are still a bit blue compared to my headlights but not as much as before.

Next up is the quad beams with fogs

The new tag LEDs

Stock backups ( for now) I got some retina burners coming from Jet

Pics below were taken with the same shutter speed, exposure etc... so it was a better comparison
Just fogs

Fogs and lows

Fogs, highs, lows

Again same camera settings for the next ones.

Taken from about 100 feet away



Hope that helps some out.
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