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Opinions (sensor readings)

I'm wondering if someone can give me a little info on these readings. I saw on another thread with results similar to mine at idle(they were said to be OK), but I want to know about the readings taken while driving. I'm getting 9 MPG (mostly around town):cry: and have read all about what can give you bad mileage including winter gas blends and cold weather. Just seems really low. I have 56,XXX miles and have recently been changing some parts. Not just for mileage but some things have been in the truck for 7+ years. Here is a list of some things that I've done: air filter, fuel filter, oil, t-stat, coolant temp. sensor, plugs (ac delco), tb cleaned, techron, checked tire pressure, and I did use seafoam 2 months ago (not in the crankcase). I haven't done a back pressure test yet, I am waiting for a new O2 sensor.

Here are my results at Idle.

O2 Sensor 1: 50 to 830 and everywhere in between (rapidly)
O2 Sensor 2: 670 to 820 went down to 300 twice. It would sometimes hold for 10 sec. and then start changing.
Short term fuel trim: +3 to -4 and everywhere in between.
Long term fuel trim: Stayed at 0

Here are my results while driving. (as best as I could tell)

O2 Sensor 1: 50 to 820 and everywhere in between (rapidly)
O2 Sensor 2: 200 to 720 and everywhere in between (pretty rapidly)PROBLEM?
Short term fuel trim: -11 to +3 and everywhere in between
Long term fuel trim: -4 to +1

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