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If you could fill out your profile, I wouldn't have to ask if you have an EXT or a short wheelbase vehicle. Did the mechanic say where the hose went? If you have an EXT it could possibly go to the rear HVAC unit.

Looking in my shop manual, though - I do see a hose to the front cabin heater core that goes around the back of the engine, and it does say to remove the transmission to change it! It must be a very, very tight fit back there, and I don't recall anybody in four years mentioning this sort of repair project.

You could get a HVAC specialist to look at the vehicle to see if they could fabricate an alternate routing for this hose that might be longer, but which could avoid removing the transmission. That's what I would do if faced with such a problem. Get creative with a non-GM-designed solution.

I've never heard of such $&*#, I would tell him in no uncertain terms to kiss my @$$!!:m2:
Sez the guy without a shop manual to consult. Better clean up. I've got a mechanic holding on line 2 for some sort of butt-kissing appointment.
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