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2004 chevy trailblazer_ls_ext
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Searched and Searched but no answer.

I have to replace my exhaust manifold on my I6 but i need to find the specs on the studs so i can replace them also. They are in need of replacement.

BTW i have a dorman manifold which i bought from Autozone with lifetime warranty, the manifold cracked again with in 6 - 8 months. So they are giving me a free one. :woot:

Also replacing
1. O2 with ACDelco 213-1698.
2. All 6 ignition coils with ACDelco 12568062.
3. ACDelco plugs.
4. Cleaning the throttle body.
5. Installing PCMforLess.

If anyone has any info on what and/or where i can find these studs i am forever in depth with you. :hail:

When i do this manifold swap i will replace my convertor with either Magnaflow's 59559 or 54959 and going into a Flowmaster 530552 muffler running 2.5 duals. i also am getting a tune from and am eliminating the convertor code, so should i keep the convertor or just not worry bout it. This will be my third convertor on my 04 EXT with 133k miles.

The second convertor went bad because wife thought a missing SUV is of no importance, and check engine light was covered by a family pic :hopeless

Thanks to GM for telling her that her truck needed repairs when she went in to have her gas tank replaced under a recall. :D
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