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2003 gmc envoy_slt_xl
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Hey Everyone,

So on Friday I got around to replacing the starter on my 03 Envoy XL. It went about as smooth as could be expected and all seemed to work fine after it was installed. On Saturday I had to run a few errands and noticed there was no light illuminated on the 4wd selector switch. I did a bit of reading on the forums to try and get an idea of what may have caused this so I started with an easy one.

I removed Fuse #8 for about 30 seconds with the ignition off, put the fuse back in after 30 seconds and still no light on the selector switch when the ignitions is turned on. And I do mean there is no light at all, even when turning the ignition to on it doesn’t even blink on and off.

Now with the ignition on, I rotated the selector switch from 2HI to AWD and could hear a distinct whirring / whining. When it was rotated from AWD to 4HI it also makes a whining sound. After it was in 4HI (still no light on the selector switch) I crawled under the vehicle and tried to rotate the Forward driveshaft, but it did not turn at all. I had the front of the vehicle jacked up at this point also, and when I rotated the wheels they rotated fairly freely. I then got back in the vehicle, switched the selector switch back to 2HI (I could hear the whining and whirring) got under the vehicle again and I could rotate the forward driveshaft freely. I checked the wheels again and they rotated freely, but the seemed to be a lot easier to turn now in 2HI than when I had it in 4HI. Now it did not happen every time, but I did sit there and rotate the selector switch back and forth quite a few times from 2HI to 4LO, and sometimes the Service 4WD lamp would illuminate. It would sometimes turn on after 4 or 5 full rotations, but sometimes I did 20+ rotations and it never came on. It would always go away though when the ignition was turned off, and did not turn back on when the ignition was turned on again.

At this point I am not sure what I should be looking at / replacing. Did this possibly have something to do with replacing my starter? I have seen many things on the forum from the 4WD Actuator, to the Encoder motor, to the TCCM to the Selector Switch as being bad, but I am just unsure where I should look at this point with my particular issue. Any help would be immensely appreciated, and if I need more information on something please let me know. Thank you all again!

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