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2002 chevy trailblazer_lt
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Hi Everyone,

Here is my story- I have Trailblazer 2002. Initially I swithed the nob from 2WD to Full 4WD, the light kept blinking but didn't feel any engaging, and once in a while this also triggered Service 4WD light on. Brought the car to dealer and it was told Encoder Motor problem and costed $630 to replace(if only I found this forum earlier at that time, based on the high TCCM failure rate on 2002 model, I would replace Transfer Control Case Module first).

When I picked the car(after the shop closed), I got Service 4WD light on right away and the switcher no longer got any light. Brought back to dealer again and this time it was diagnosed as "Found encoder motor over extending due to clutch lever and bearing in transfer case worn. Transfer case needs to be removed to replace lever and bearing" and would cost $1500 later reduced to $1000. I took the car back and bought an used 2005 TCCM for $85. Easily replaced TCCM based on the reading from this forum, disconnect/reconnected battery. Service 4WD light is still on every time I start car.

I feel the dealer misdiagnosed the problem at first time, it could well be the TCCM issue. But when they replaced the Encoder Motor, somehow they caused more issues because it did take them two days to replace the motor and was told they ordered the wrong part the first time. I don't fully understand what the second diagnose statement mean, but again this may not be fully true.

Here are my questions:

1) Does anyone understand what they talk about ? Could this be caused by wrong installation or put the wrong part on ? I am so surprised they didn't find this before when they were replacing the part and just gave the car back to me.

2) Where is the Encoder Motor located ? It will be great if anyong posts pictures. I want to take a look the area because I am not fully trusted what the dealer saying.

3) Any other things I can try to figure this out.

Thanks a lot for your help !
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