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2006 chevy
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Im looking for a set of 17" drag wheels for my SS. Going with slicks and... kinda skinnies.Want some 17" x 9" for rears and 17" x 6/7" for the fronts. Lightweight wheels only. I keep looking at the Bogart Racing wheels, but Im not sure of the pricing and backspacing to order.

Any help with backspacing on 17" x 9" and 17" x 6" wheels?

I plan to run something like a 225/45/17 for fronts and 275/40/17 mickey t's for rears.

Any suggestions on wheels? Offset? I was thinking 3" back on the 6" fronts and 5" back on the 9" rears... how far off am I? I want the front stance to be wide, but I dont want the rears to rub.
Whats the weight of the stock spare(Wheel only)?

Something like this, but not so much rear tire:

Thanks for any help. :hail:
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