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Door opens, no lights come on.

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I was stupid, and while changing out the interior lights that come on automatically when the door is opened, I got a spark and poof! They no longer work. Everything else works, in fact I can push the light to toggle it and it still work, but nothing when I open the door or unlock/lock the doors. I have tried looking to see if I blew a fuse but I can not seem to find out which fuse would have blown because the owners manual is a complete waste of time. So perhaps someone here has hopefully been as stupid as I have. Any help?:bonk:
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Do a search for dome lamp fuse. I forgot which fuse it is off hand, but it's in the block under the rear seat.
Many praises to you both! Now I can get my lights turned on... literally! :woot:
Check the fuse box under the rear seat. The 10A fuse marked TBC3 should do it. Just replaced my bulbs with LED's and popped a fuse or two myself.
Try pressing the circle button under the light spinner
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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