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Spend some time looking through this section of the site. Lots of info on here. Currently, I don't think anyone besides Mike (bartonmd) is making any form of under body protection. He already has an aluminum oil pan skid plate that he's selling and he's developing a radiator skid plate now too.

Air springs are a good way of keeping the rear from sagging with lots of weight in the back or when towing.

Are you lifting it at all? There are a few options out there for our platform. MarkMC has a spacer kit for our trucks and he only sells to TV members. BDS also has a spacer kit which is a heavier duty set up, but also more expensive. There are also a couple of options for body lifts. Mark is working on a 3" body lift for our trucks, he has a couple of the kits already out there...

as for roof racks... most are running a universal rack of some sort, just using different options for mounting to the oem rails...

There is a lot more information on here... might also want to check out James Downing's site...
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