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2003 gmc envoy_slt_xl
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Hi all!

I have a 2003 Envoy with the DIC. Recently it has stopped working (no readout). I did find that a good whack to the lower dash would bring it on for a few seconds. A few months back it would do a similar thing but stay on for much longer periods of time.

So I was looking under the lower dash today at the wiring and saw a 4-wire connector where one of the wires looks like it has been chaffed. The connector is yellow. Any thoughts what that connector goes to? It's to the right of the large connector (clockspring wiring).

Just want to try and trace it down before removing the whole cluster to have the power supply for the DIC replaced. Any other things I could look for? I tried looking for the DIC wiring schematic, but didn't find what I was looking for anywhere on here. The conversion threads helped some, but I'm still a little lost.

The DIC does function properly when it lights can scroll thru the mileage and settings. So the buttons work...


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