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2004 gmc envoy_slt_xuv
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Hey everyone,

New to the site, but I've been searching random threads for quite some time. I have a P0016 that I've been fighting and I figure I'd throw it out to the experts in the biz. I have multiple techs looking for answers and no one seems to be able to find the reasoning behind the code.

2004 GMC Envoy SLT XUV 4.2 with a P0016. I scanned the truck and ultimately changed the Crankshaft Position Sensor, ran a relearn, cleared the code, it came back. Changed the Camshaft Position Sensor and CPAS, cleared the code and it came back. The CPAS connector was full of oil so I assumed I had found the problem but the MIL returned.

Upon hearing that it could be an oil blockage I Seafoamed the engine oil, ran it for about 30 minutes and performed an immediate change. The oil was like a chocolate milkshake and the light DISAPPEARED on it's own. The next day, the light returned. The truck didn't get an oil change for a while so I wonder if it may need a second Seafoam, not sure.

Two days later it went out upon startup, and the next day was back on. It is intermittent and the wires look good but I may need to double check. I have also heard to check the gas cap as it will throw codes (it is somewhat loose).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, this thing is driving me ballistic.

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