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2007 Trailblazer LT
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When I got my TB one or two of the wires containted in a large bunch of wires mounted under the passenger seat were broken. Sorta as if they got chewed or sheered by the seat track. Since the power functions of the seat still worked correctly and I wasn't sure what the cut wires did, I just taped them over without repair and put the wire harness back in its place. Since then I've noticed that the seat belt indicator light on the dash for the passenger side is always on, and the airbag lights in the auto-dimming rearview mirror do not illuminate at all.

Can anyone with access to wire diagrams and the knowledge and understanding to read them, tell me if the broken wires under the passenger seat of a 2007 LT might be responsible for these issues? If I recall correctly, one of the broken wires was either grey or green...

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