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Hi eveyone,

About 3 weeks ago I took my 02 tb in for transmission cooler line replacement. I had a leak that I hoped would remedy with fluid and filter change I did 2 days before bringing it in but .... no luck. When I got it back i peaked under car just for a look and noticed on my passangers side there is a 1" tear in my outer cv boot and a 1/2" tear in my tie rod boot and I did not notice when changing fluid 2 days before taking it in (not exactly looking at the time but I wasn't really looking this time). I should also mention that 2 weeks prior to this I had the tb in for an oil change (im a wimp but it was too cold to do myself) and mechanic never mentioned anything about boot tears.

Ok here's my question, is it possible the mechanic pierced both my boots? They seem to be in the same general area upper posterior portion of boots. Possibly accessible after removing heat shield (never did this so dont know). I know they cut the lines to remove them (in the general area of catalytic converter) and actually have the old lines in my tailgate. Just not sitting right with me but I have a feeling if i bring it back they will just say not there fault.

Thanks for any input in advance!
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