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After some searching on the net for a performance exhaust system and getting blown away by pricing, I went on a search for a old school custom muffler shop. I found "Perry's Garage" in McMinnville TN. What I got was quite a pleasant surprise!

Complete 3" system from converter back with a performance muffler and a 5" stainless tailpipe for $175!!! Yep $175 installed. They even reused the heatshield from my tailpipe over the axle which nobody does and I didnt expect but since I have air bags in the back they thought I should have it. They custom bent the pipes, welded the entire system and it looks and sounds awesome!

So instead of paying $300+ and having to do the work myself I got this for less than a OE walker replacement exhaust installed. with 3" pipes!

If your close or willing to make the trip its definitely worth it!. Dont expect much conversation or a phone quote they guy is about 70 and ******* as they come. But If you show up with some cash he will do a real nice job while you wait.

Perry's Garage and Muffler Shop
510B Sparta St
McMinnviille TN 37110
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