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Custom crate motor install..Balanced and bluprinted

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Well guys I haven't been around in a while and there has been a reason.....

My poor Olds has had Massive coronary failure,emphysema, and been crippled with Polio.....

I threw 3 rods,piston rings and blew up my tranny...(I suppose a 200 shot will due that) :duh::bonk:

So, seeing that it needed an engine and tranny, I had been pondering an lsx swap.....Well living in Massachusetts where every inspection station has a video camera installed, and a pesky emissions control computer which communicates from the vehicles pcm to the state.....I decided to go with a 4.6 stroker motor instead fresh from Gm.....

New pistons ,rods,port and polished head, custom ground cams,mls head gasket,5 angle valve job,oversized valves,retainers, headbolts,rod bolts, stroker crank, injectors and too much too list...

Eff it here are so pics.....For those of you who know me.....I am Tapped...

I do everything in excess to perfection.,....


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Had to grab old fuel rail....New engine is returnless fuel style....

My old man inspecting the old engine as well........
We happened to notice that there were piston ring debris in the exhaust ports when we removed the intake and exhaust manifolds,,,,,ewwww:bonk:
sweet chrome wipers..

you should look at getting the Stainless Works Headers with high-flow cats and exhaust
Great pix, Keep us up dated. I want to know how it runs when you get her together. Thanks
200 shot?? yea that'll do that lol

should've gotten it forged but still good!!

EDIT: you got any 1/4 or 0-60 times with the nitrous?
Nice man, glad to see ya back!

Stroker motor huh? Can we get a list of exactly what was done and an estimated cost? Im thinking a stroked I6 with cams and headers would be pretty sweet...if only I didnt have my SS (but who am I kidding here).
Hmmm crate motor
Wat? There's no such thing as a stroked version of the 4.2 (aside from the pikes peak trucks).
And I don't see a crate engine. I see a stock engine with spray paint. WTF
I agree as GM shows no offering for a stroked 4.2 crate engine. The displacement on the Pikes Peak truck was 5.0 and built by Roush.
:iagree::iagree: I'm calling BS...It looks like a used and fuzzbombed silver I6, same as the "Vette" Tranny in the other thread :rolleyes:
Its definitely an 02-05 motor as it has the old style coil packs and composite head top piece (instead of metal).

Im going to have to call bs here too until I see pics of the motor torn down and stock vs stroker parts.
I'm going to agree... BS... why are people feeling the need to lie lately on trailvoy? I call rattle-can paint job on both the "vette tranny" and this "crate motor." At best, it's a new replacement 4.2L motor. Stop trying to lie to be cool man.
Maybe the best crate engines from GM nowadays come with that oversprayed silver look? :confused:


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Maybe the best crate engines from GM nowadays come with that oversprayed silver look? :confused:
I think they painted it them selves considering the headers and tranny are both painted black..

EDIT: I just realized your point roadie. I'm calling BS on this as well. and to think i was dumb enough to think it was real :eek:
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