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it's been a work in progress since my woods class my senior year of high school and i'm now a junior in college.. once the w7 blew and i found out i was getting it repaired for free from JL i decided that when i get it back i want it in the new box. here are some of the latest pics. more to come and the full install when my car is back on the road after some *******s decided to break into it (check the other thread for info)

only the 2 center ports are functional as you can tell by the reflections. the other two will be covered up when i make a finish panel for it.. the woofer will be mounted in the center. the front panel will be plexiglass as well as the back panel on there now is plexi. the 3 inch overhang in the 3rd pic is where the 1000/1 and 450/4 will go.. whole interior is mirror and i am planning on putting 2 12" led strips on the sides.

thanks for looking, updates to come sooon!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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