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I was reversing into a parking spot this morning and it sounded like i was dragging metal under me. After I pulled into the spot i looked underneath and nothing there nor hanging. I noticed it changing into reverse and forward. Has anyone ever had a similar problem? What can this be? Please help cause I am ready to flip out on the dealer that sold me this beauty.

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Could be many, many things. Brake backing plate bent in towards the rotor, something caught between the backing plate and the rotor, internal failure in the diff, axles, ujoints, , transfer case, tranny, etc.

If you can't localize it by listening as somebody else drives it by you, get it on a lift.

At 101K miles, all the fluids (transfer case is due every 50K) are due for changing. If the dealer didn't do it before the sale, it's time to read up on the process.
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