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Hi all,

I had this whining noise from the engine belt(s) for quite some time.
When I brought to the GMC dealer for an oil change I asked them to have a look at the noise.
The rep. said I need an $807.00 repair saying I need the following:
change AC belt
change AC tension pulley
change serpentine belt
change the crankshaft dampner - according to him the rubber is coming apart.

Since I have gotten several quotes, saying the crankshaft dampner replacement is a 5-7 hour job. Almost every one says that's a job I don't need and that the dealer is taking me for a "ride", i.e. a job that I don't need.
Some people talk about the crankshaft dampner as the harmonic.

What shall I do?


2006 GMC Envoy Denali XL V8

2003 gmc envoy_slt
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The first thing I would do is get a second opinion from a dealer that doesn't have a child needing braces. :D

How many miles do you have on your Envoy?
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