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Codes...aren't they supposed to be in Games?

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I replaced my ECT (electronic coolant Sensor) after reading my code that it was bad. Two weeks later the engine light came back on and read the same Code....

I checked my other sensor plugs and added electrical connection lube (Like Vasoline) to the prongs. While doing so, I found out that one of the Sensor plugs under where the Oil Dipstick is was full of engine oil from the dipstick.

I don't know how long it's been like that, but after dis-connecting my battery to reset my code temporarily, I cleaned the oil filled sensor plug off and my Engine light didn't come on until after a week, but then went on again twice, but now is off for the moment.

Maybe this will be helpfull or prevent another problem or someone else knows how I can fix this issue I'm currently having. Maybe the sensor of the sensor is bad? another part malfunctioning?

2003 4x4 I-6 trailblazer
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I would sure want to find the source of that oil and stop it.:m2:
i think you're talking about the camshaft actuator. That was recently discussed..i'll try to find a thread on it, but its not a big thing to worry about if its only a little oil.

EDIT: here's the link:

I replaced my ECT (electronic coolant Sensor) after reading my code that it was bad. Two weeks later the engine light came back on and read the same Code....

Isn't that the same code it gives when your fan Clutch is out??
When I had the code read from the ODB reader, it came out listing something like:
Coolant level
Coolant Temp Sensor

Numerous listings of what could be general! I thought that was what scanners were tell you what was wrong, not give you a general list to troubleshoot :mad:

To respond to oregtrailblaz, my fan has been on almost everytime I drive it until I hit the 20-30mph mark where it turns off after that. It's been doing this since early 2008 or so, so it might not be the fan clutch because for one it didn't come up on the scan and it's been doing the all too common fan problem that seems most of us have for over maybe a year.

To respond the member above oregtrailblaz, The electrical sensor plug that had oil in it was FULL of oil...dirty engine oil that must have come from the dipstick.

To update my engine light status, it hasn't come on since my last post in this thread... :hopeless {Knock on Wood}
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its most likely a bad thermostat, which is also causing the coolant temp sensor reading. It's probably stuck open. Signs of a bad thermostat are decrease in MPG, higher engine revs/shifts, increased warm up time for the engine.
:thx Maybe your right. I forgot to report in my last reply that for the last two fill-ups, I have averaged 13-14 MPG! It must be the Damn Thermostat. And to think, I could have replaced it when I changed the ECT which is practically right next to it. I would have if I knew how much of a PAIN it would be to take the bolts out/in for the alternator to get to it. I really am dreading doing this again.:bonk::bonk::duh:
here's a how-to on the thermostat (thanks to rbarrios). a lot of members have used this and made the process easy.

hope this helps!

It has been since earlier this year since I replaced the Thermostat. I haven't had the Service light come on since the Thermostat was replaced. I bought the GM Thermostat from GM and recommend it if you want piece of mind for an extra $20 for not having to go through the tuff replacement process compared to other vehicles. Finally enjoying driving without problems (Now that I've said it, I'll probably be in the Garage this weekend working on it:)).
PROBLEM SOLVED!...Waiting on the next challenge, but patiently. Thanks to all of the replies and especially wardak33 for turning on the light for me.:grouphug:
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