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hey, i have an 06 TB I6 4x4. Recently I was going down a gravel road and hit a about a 4-6 inch deep hole kind of hard. Recently i have noticed a clunking just about where my feet touch the floor when sitting in the driver side. The driver side wheel is the one that hit the hole. I expect they are related.

I only feel the clunking when i hit a bump, but it doesn't have to be a bad bump either. I haven't noticed any other problems as far as driving, pulling to one side or the other, everything else is pretty much as expected.

I have crawled under the front end and everything seems tight and looks fine except for some clumps of dried mud.

Any ideas as to what it might be? I've seen some threads talking about the end links being bad, you guys think this might be my problem?

I haven't tried jacking it up yet and checking everything, I might try that today.


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You can pull ONE of the end links. That takes torque off the anti-sway bar. If the clunk goes away, you have your culprits. Could also be a damaged control arm bushing (upper or lower) or tie rod end or anti-sway bar bushing. Teebes had a BROKEN anti-sway bar bushing mounting bracket at one point. You might take a very close look at those brackets.

Definitely get it up in the air and pull on those end links. If not it, then start pulling the tire top/bottom and front/back.

And schedule an alignment because of the hit in any event.
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