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Cleaning the seats

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Hello everybody,
Does anybody know if the seats of the trailblazer ss are all leather, are the inserts suede? I need to know how to clean them because my sons diaper leaked on them :sadcry: and I don't want to ruin them. If anybody could help me I'd GREATLY appreciate it. I live in Florida and the heat is coming. The smell will become unbearable. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hello and welcome to the site. A good upholstery cleaner should do the trick as they aren't as sensitive as one might think.:tiphat
:tiphat Welcome :tiphat .If they are smooth and slightly slippery they are not suede. Not sure about the SS but, on my Envoy the seat bottom and seat back are leather. The sides are pleather.
i am pretty sure that the SS's came with either cloth or leather with suede inserts (other then the 2006 where all had leather with suade inserts) sorry i can't help with cleaning the suade part because my Rainier's are all leather but i use meguire's leather cleaner and conditioner on my leather
Thank you everybody for the advice, but one of my main concerns is ruining the feel of the suede. I'd be really mad :hissy: if I messed it up, I've only had the vehicle for 4 months. The seats are not all smooth leather, the inserts are fabric but not cloth. I've tried for over a week looking on the internet to see if they are suede but I couldn't find anything. Whoever thought to put suede in a vehicle is a MORON!!!! :duh: Did they think people who like power between they legs have no kids? (Sorry, just venting there). Thank you so much for any advice that you have.
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