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clanking coming from rear

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hey guys, i need a little help here. i randomly hear a clanking noise coming from the rear passenger side suspension. i got underneath the truck and noticed some bar was snapped, im not exactly sure what its called im assuming its some sort of stabalizer bar (connected to the chasis i believe. i can get pics 2morrow when its brighter out. but if anyone has any idea can u give me a price on replacing it?
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Does it look like any of these parts?
or something different?
Please try to describe it better for us..


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hmm ok. well ill describe it best I could. its about a foot long. it looks like it has to bushings/bearing on each end. connects from the axle to the chassis. like I said a picture is comin later on
Ack! That's one of the control arms. It's what holds the axle in place front to back, and also stops it from twisting under torque. Until you get this fixed - use no more than 1/3 throttle, and be very, very careful on the brakes!
hmm that makes sense. how much would one run me?

here is the best pic i can get for now, dont mind the blurryness, it was dark and hard to focus lol
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HOLY CRAP! How did you manage that!?
They're about $120 from discount suppliers like $170 list. You can check Ebay or the junkyards. Any idea how or when it broke? That's extraordinary!

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haha i wish i knew how the hell it happened but i started noticing it a couple days ago, i finally went under and found that, needless to say, i was quite pissed. would anyone happen to have a name for that part? or a part number?
Surprises like that never entertain me either lol, good luck. Roadie will hook you up I'm sure.
Passenger side is GM# 15069840 if I'm reading the data base properly. It's item #6 in the drawing I posted. Lower control arm.

$35 to $75 at the local junkyards. Run a search for your location at
alright, thanks alot. the nearest salvage yard that has one is pretty far but ill call 2morrow see what they want for it. im willing to make the trip!!!
hhmm i have one more question, is installing this part fairly simple? after looking at it it looks super easy but then again nothings easy, any tips i should know of?
I can only tell you that the service manual shows the tire removed but doesn't actually say to remove it. If there is enough room to remove the bolt without removing the tire, you may be able to do it on the ground. If you need more room, a good set of ramps should be all you need. If you need to work with the tire off, you will need good jack stands and a jack to lift the axle into position. The torque for the two bolts is 74 ft.lbs. Good luck and work safe. One more thing, you may need a hammer and punch/drift to remove the bolts.
thank you, im hoping to pick the part up 2morrow and getting under the truck shortly after. hopefully i can get it done without having to remove the tire
they are available aftermarket also for about $120 for a pair of lower control arms, can even get them in bullet proof chrome moly

check em out:

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as much as i would love to spend the money and get the after market, i found one at a salvage yard for $50 picking it up today, ill let u guys know how installation goes! thanks for all your help
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